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Photography of Girl Sniffing Flower
Photography of two girls seriously looking into camera
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A Nice Post Photo Effect

Bringing highlight to your subject.

This is pretty straight forward but I think it really makes for good photographs and works really well with a natural background like woodland and grass and stuff or something with a bit of a nice colour in that you want your subject to 'pop out' of.

Most photo editing software will have the ability and tools to create this effect. We aim to create the following conversion...

Before and after tutorial shots

Firstly open up your image in your preferred program, knock up the saturation a little then duplicate the layer, so you have the image on top of itself, next, knock the saturation back on the top layer and maybe the brightness down a little, up to you, your top layer should then look like this...
desaturated and darkened version of image
with the original image underneath, next, staying with the top layer, create a mask for that layer, select your airbrush tool and the colour black with the flow of the airbrush around 15 percent. Carefully start to airbrush out your subject, the bit you want to pop out, when your done, you should be left with this...
photograph after desaturated shot has been masked out
Then, for a little extra effect, create a new layer on the very top, and with your black airbrush, gently paint in a nice vignette using the layer opacity once finished to get a nice, not too strong vignette...
vignette added to image
and there you go. A few simple steps, but a nice finish, with the right image of course, some times it can look a bit pants, you just have to use the right image.

Here are a few more examples of this technique in action and please, feel free to give me your opinion...

Example of desaturated image Example of desaturated photo Example of desaturated photograph

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