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Warning Falling Prices Stock Image by Paul Inkles, Stock photographer of Sheffield

It all began a few years ago as a mission to get onto a microstock agency site Being a graphic designer for over 13 years now I know that when images are used in advertisements, as all designers will know, they 'were' found on CD's, purchased from stock image companies.
When you see an advert with a happy couple on it, chances are, they didn't know they were posing for that particular advertisement. They just generically smile and have that image stored for people like myself to come along and think, I need an image of a happy, old couple, for a pension advert I am doing. I'd search through loads of CD's until I found the image I was looking for. It was a tedious job which included hundreds of discs.

All of a sudden, a wonderful chap, who happened to be a web developer thought 'why not have some server space, and allow these designers to access images from the world wide web as we know and love it' and so online agencies started to appear. What started off as Macrostock, images taken by professional photographers and managed by big agencies and then sold to advertisers for hundreds of pounds, slowly evolved. Some designers could not afford to be paying out £500 for an image to be used on an advertisement for a local business just wanting a small cheap run of flyers. So came the birth of Microstock.

About Microstock Photography

Baby in Christmas Outfit Ready for Santa

Microstock is a contributor powered stock image source. Amateur and professional photographers alike come together to supply random images that they are happy to sell royalty free. The guys at the end of the site, usually Pro-photographers too, then analyse each photograph as to whether or not they can deem the image as 'stock' and then either accept or reject that image, Simple.

Microstock sites are at present up to 11 million images deep. Offering a lot of images, and for designers like myself, pretty much have what I would be after, OK, it may not be 'exactly' how i want it, but for about $6.00 compared to the $500 I would have to pay a Macrostock image site for the exact image I was after. I can now do a Flyer design with an image that doesn't cost the earth but does have quality imagery on it.

How I Came to Start Taking Affordable Photographs

As previously mentioned, I am a designer by trade, freelancing for a top advertising agency in South Yorkshire.

Using and reading about stock images, I read an advert in 'create' magazine. It was an advert for I visited the site to find out that the stock photo site was powered by Professional and Amateur photographers and that it costs nothing to apply, once you are accepted, you are in and can start supplying images and making a bit of money. At this point in time, I was not a photographer, but I created 3D images for my designs, like…

Image of a 3D render by Playaz Photography

I thought, if I were to make a nice 3D image for an advertisement, I could then sell it for others to use, it would be a nice way to make a little extra cash on the side. So I applied, and to do this, three images had to be supplied, and accepted. I supplied three images, all were rejected. I was crippled. And so, I got onto forums and read about these so called 'Stock' sites. It turned out, that they are a little harder than you think to get onto and so I tried a little harder, got my images and compositions a little better, and got rejected again. The rejections sometimes mentioned that they were for lack of variation in style of image, I read this a little deeper than I was meant to I think and decided that it was because the site was called and when you think that stock is usually photographs, I needed to be a photographer too, at least, a little bit.

So I went out and decided to buy a nice little SLR, after some review reading I decided on a nikon D60. I then went out and started shooting with a good friend (and then) mentor Mark Andrew, who conveniently, had also just heard about stock photography and so was in the same boat as me, just getting onto the ladder. He taught me loads about photography, composition, lighting and the rest of the basics, then I started getting books and magazines, and basically started to forget all about my original intention as a 3D image supplier. I loved photography, and decided I wanted to do much more photograph taking instead. A few months later and a few more rejections, I finally made it onto iStock and am now over 200 images better off for sale on there, but even better I had a nice camera, and the knowledge of how to use it well and get great results.

I heard from a few friends that they'd been to certain local big franchise photography studios where they got given a free photograph maybe in a keyring and entered into some competition and various other things, basically in a lead up to being asked to buy a picture from them with prices of up to £1200. Fair enough, some people can afford ridiculous money for a nice shot of their kid above the mantlepiece but I come from a bit less well off background than that and so I though 'I have a studio for shooting my stock images of people, and I have a nice big camera' it also turned out I'd just had the cutest baby boy in the world too. So i wanted a centre piece for my house. I started shooting, I got some great results, did some photoshop work, uploaded the image to a canvas printing company, and got a HUGE canvass for jut £70 plus my work. Now everyone that comes round asks who did it, I tell them, and they respond with 'can I have some took?'

And so came the beginning…

Photography at prices that normal people can afford with the same results that the super rich people get. Easy.


Portraiture Photography

Here you will find examples of my portraiture photography, some for clients, but mostly family and friends. I do hope you like them, especially the eyes!

Nature & Landscape Photography

Here is where you will find various images of particular animals, and landscapes along with other images relating more to the subject of “Nature”...


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