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Great portrait examples, Eyes mean everything!

I love shooting portraits, anyone that shoots portraits will tell you, the eyes are the key to a great portrait, if the eyes are not in focus, the shot is worthless. You should be able to count the eyelashes of the model for a great portrait. Why is this? Basically, the eyes are the first thing you look at, they are what you look at when you speak to someone, you are first drawn in by the eyes, then you examine the rest of the image, so the first impression is vital.

So here is a small collection of some of my favourites, not all of these are about the eyes though! Eyes aren't quite as important when the shot is a more “Zoomed out” full body shot. But if the shot is closer than about half of the body, then eyes are vital, in all of these shots, I would hope I have nailed it! Even better when the subject has eyes that good that hardly any post production is required.

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