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Photograph of myself
Photography of Girl Sniffing Flower
Photography of two girls seriously looking into camera
Photograph of Woman and her child

Nature & Landscape Photography

I love an adventure, and I love to record memories of that adventure!

Here is a collection of my recent Nature and Landscape Photography along with a few shots of wildlife.

Every now and again, I like to nip out on a mission, crack out the wide angle, and grab a little landscape imagery, or pop on the zoom and get up close and personal with some furry friends!

While this is not really my main forte, I do love a nice landscape shot, and am still in the battle for a perfect shot of my favourite place in the world, Perranporth. Whilst purchasing a few shots from perranporth from a local photographer, and whilst loving them to pieces. When you shoot yourself, it becomes a mission to get a shot as good as his by myself. But so far, the tide/sunset/weather has just not permit it yet, grr!

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