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Whilst being a Professional Stock Photographer, it would be silly to not put my camera to a little more leisurely use as well. So of course, every now and then, I pop out, and take pictures of other things too, and here they are.

I like to shoot the occasional landscape shots, and I really really like to shoot portraiture, mainly head and shoulder style shots, I love the eyes, it is the eyes that will take you into a good portrait, so a lot of work goes into the post production on any set of eyes, but I do love it when you come across a set that barely need any work!

At present I am just too busy to really do paid for portraiture, but every now and again I do get free, and do like the odd bit of paid work, but please, if you contact me with regards to a photoshoot, don't be upset if I cant fit one in. I unfortunately have quite a busy schedule, but by all means, you can always ask, as many do! I'll either say “YES”, or “NO”

Occasionally, if I hit a nice nature, or landscape shot, i do offer them for sale in my online shop, as prints, which can be obtained in a number of formats, framed, canvas etc..


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Portraiture Photography

Here you will find examples of my portraiture photography, some for clients, but mostly family and friends. I do hope you like them, especially the eyes!

view my nature and landscape photography

Nature & Landscape Photography

Here is where you will find various images of particular animals, and landscapes along with other images relating more to the subject of “Nature”...


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