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3D Illustration

Not only do I shoot stock, I like to create stock illustrations!..

Not only do I like to use my camera to create my imagery, I also like to create simple 3D artwork, which I can then use in my various projects.

I tend not to get on the complicated side of things though, while a few of my pieces are quite intricate, the majority of 3D work I like to produce are big, bold, brassy images, that can be used as large hero images, or headers to various design works that I produce.

These images can take quite a while to produce though unlike photograhy where the main work in photography is the post production, 3D artwork is a long task right from the off. Unlike my photography, the 3D illustration is more of a passtime, but put more into practice when required should I be designing something that could use it!

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3D Illustration

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